Waypoint is an urban farm that offers snackable, fresh produce to its local community.
Client: Waypoint Farm
Role: Graphic design, illustration
The logo and produce stickers establish a simple and strong brand presence that emulates a local, natural, and friendly feeling.
I feel more confident in my brand, and the story l'm conveying to my customers. I can tell my customers feel my packaging now accurately reflects the value of the product they're buying. I couldn't have harnessed the customer lovalty or following I have today without the help of the strong branding and logo Natalia created.
—Stephen W.
Chief Enthusiast at Waypoint Farm
Meadoway Flowers is a micro flower farm that celebrates connection, beauty, and joy through fresh flower bouquets.
Waypoint naturally expanded to cultivate beauty along with its high-quality essentials. I designed the Meadoway logo to stylistically mirror Waypoint, while introducing a graceful new brand color: dusty pink.
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