The Global Leadership Summit exists to inspire and equip leadership that ignites transformation.
Client: Global Leadership Network
Role: Graphic design, brand development, and art direction
After a year that left everyone in the dark, the 2021 Global Leadership Summit (GLS21) needed to visually stimulate a hopeful projection of the future with the GLS as the transformative event at the center of that turn in perspective.
I developed the GLS21 brand centered around the idea of light in the darkness, and executed the design of marketing pieces such as brochures, postcards, display ads, email banners, social posts, and more. ​​​​​​​
I communicated the art direction with partners through brand guides and an asset library which set the tone for promotional and event visuals across various mediums including video, stage, and web design, as well as international events. The following work was created in collaboration with Useful Group and Ox Creative.
What's next: GLS20
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